Reggie In The News

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This is the article published in the Philadelphia Magazine in July of 1997 that was done for zoning in Philadelphia PA. This is myself Reggie and Mayor Ed Rendell who is now the Govenor of Pennsylvania. The picture of the three of us was taken in the Meriam Theater on Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA.

Mayor Rendell was a judge for the beauty pagent I arranged for our Potbellied pig club, The Delaware Valley Potbellied Pig Association, to do there a week before Christmas in 1996. There were 13 porcine beauties that walked the red carpet that day for the opening to the brodway show "State Fair."

This picture of us was one of the most special things I have that has helped to win many early zoning cases. It was one of the most wonderful days I have ever had and all the piggies were wonderful ladies, and gentlemen in their swine finery to show just how great they really are...From that day forward I have dedicated our lives to showing the public what wonderful pigs Reggie, and Pepper really were.