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This is an article about a special woman who was willing to loose everything and go to jail just to keep her potbellied pigs, Nancy and Frankie. Her name is Dawn Kursiner. She is some special lady.

I organized our first protest for the potbellied pig as a pet, and we came from all over the country to protest the decision that the court made in this monumental case from Shelton CT. Even people that were passing by that day stopped, picked up signs, and marched with us.

This day was the appeal in the courthouse and Reggie was one of 2 pigs that appeared on behalf of Frankie and Nancy. Reggie tried to get inside the court room, but was kicked out to stand on the steps while others looked on.

Reggie made a statement that day, and many more days to come. She was a good will ambassador for all potbellied pigs all over the world, and she was proud to do it.

Dawn lost her appeal that rainy day and had another appeal before she lost completely. She kept Nancy, and Frankie and piled up fines on her home totaling $25,000.00 that had to be paid when she sold her home years later.

This picture of my Reggie was voted first place for journalism in all of the New England States that year.

More photos of Reggie fighting for pigs below...

Reggie Fighting Town Hall In Philadelphia, PA

Reggie Meets The Channel 17 News Team

Reggie Climbed So Many Stairs That Day

Reggie Watches As Mom Fixes Her Glasses

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