Hero Of The Year

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This is the picture of Reggie in Life Magazine in May 1997 Hero edition. She was honored to be one of only 7 animals that were picked to be a hero that year by Life for all the therapy work we did all over the Delaware Valley, and for the part she played in saving my own life after having 3 very serious heart attacks in 1992 and 1993.

There were thousands of entries, but my girl was picked, and she was given 3/4 of a page all to herself.

This article, and tremendous honor threw us into the lime light for our remaining years together as an Animal Assisted Therapy Team. We had arrived. We were now reconized ,and blessed by this one miricle in our lives.

From there we were honored to be picked to be on Americas Greatest Pets.

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We were contacted by Tokyo Brodcasting Co to do a special for Tokyo Japan. They brought a crew over from Japan, and filmed for two days in my home, and at the nursing home where we frequented.

We were honored that year by our Senator Tommy Tomlinson for the therapy we did.

Tommy Tomilnson award for our group, Making Musical Memories.

We got a Random Acts of Kindness Award from the Tri County Potbellied pig Association. She also got Honorable Mention from The Delta Society in Renton Washington that year.

Reggie was only the second potbellied pig to get certified as a Therapy Pet Partner by Delta. That in itself was an honor.

Delta Society award certificate of Recognition

Reggie was the second Potbellied pig to be inducted into the Delta Societies Pet Partner Animal assisted Therapy program. We served as pet partners there for 6 years, then we went out on our own for the remainder of her 13 years of service to the community.

We were soaring as high as any soul mates could soar, "She was my dragon and I was her rider." There was no stopping us now.

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