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March 5, 1997 to May 28, 1999

Duchess of Pork, a registered, purebred potbellied pig, was the perfect pet and loved very much by her family of three and three other potbellied pigs. Duchess was a special pig and exceptionally bonded to her owners. She was also a deaf pig. She suffered from intermittent seizures for a year before she finally succumbed to liver disease in May, 1999.

Duchess' sibling, The Duke of Earl, crossed The Rainbow Bridge on September 26, 2005.

Duchess' owner, Barbara Baker, founded The Duchess Fund .

The purpose of the Duchess Fund site is to enhance the care and welfare of miniature pet (potbellied) pigs as a companion animal through information, research, and education.


Duchess' Album

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Baby Days

A Lap Is Almost
As Good As Food

Duke And Duchess
Sharing Dad's Lap

Hanging Out
On The Couch

Looking For
Dad's Lap