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Chloe was a very sweet and loving animal. She has set aside an area of her garden as a place for unusual and exotic pets who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Monty will keep them safe and warm in his den. If you have an exotic pet who has crossed the bridge and you would like Monty to take care of him/her click here to let us know.

Monty's Story

Monty was born December 5, 1986 in Ohio. He became a member of the Reichard household December 14th, 1986. My husband always wanted a big cat, so Monty was a surprise Christmas gift and I gave him to my husband on our Anniversary. He is a South American Mountain Lion. As a baby he had to be bottle fed. He had the blue on blue eyes and spots lots of spots. As he grew, he changed to a beautiful carmel color. He loved water and snow, did he love winter. He would roll the snow until it was a ball then throw it around his pen, it was really something to watch. He loved the farm, but I think he looked at all the animals, maybe as snacks. He would sit or lay out on his platform and look over the farm as it was his domaine. Everyone really loved him, sometimes people would come over to visit not us but to see Monty. A telephone repair person that worked on our house once, calls ever so offen and askes if she could stop by and see Monty and bring him a treat. Jim and I were thinking just this morning what we will miss most. I will miss that PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR, he would pur so loud and sometimes would just shake all over with joy. He loved to have his chin scratched. I miss not seeing him when I leave, he would look out from his pen as to who goes there, oh its just mom going to work. I would say watch the farm and I'll see you later, he would then churp or as Jim and I would say he would say WE-U. Jim misses looking out from his office and seeing out on his platform. He would open the window and talk to Monty, and Monty would actually talk back. Monty was different from a dog or house cat, he could really interact with you and it seemed really knew what we were saying. We have put him on the highest hill of the farm. His spirit can now oversee the farm forever. He was loved so much, there will never be another Monty, and is missed so very much.

I know look up at that hill on the farm when I go to work and tell him watch over the farm, I'll be back later. I dont hear that cherp, but know he is with us. I think we gave him a good life and hope he knew how much he was loved, and did all that we could do.






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